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Title: Twilight
Author: Stephenie Meyer
Genre: Young Adult, Fantasy, Romance
Publication Date: October 5, 2005

Review Of Twilight

“Twilight,” the inaugural tome in Stephenie Meyer’s immensely triumphant Twilight Saga, immerses readers in the fervent, proscribed romance between the vampiric Edward Cullen and the mortal teenager Bella Swan. The narrative unfolds in the perpetually somber, rain-soaked enclave of Forks, Washington, interweaving elements of enigma, fantasy, and ardor.

Plot Summary

Bella Swan moves to Forks to live with her father, Charlie, at the start of the novel. She can’t help but be drawn to the fascinating Edward Cullen and his similarly enigmatic family. Bella learns of Edward’s vampire status as they become acquainted. Edward and Bella experience a deep romantic connection despite the risks involved. Other vampires who could harm Bella enter the story, thickening the storyline and building to a suspenseful finale in which Edward and his family must defend her.


  • Bella Swan: The main character, Bella, is an average girl who can be related to and frequently feels uncomfortable. She is a charming character because of her awkwardness and shyness, even though her fixation on Edward can occasionally come across as excessive.
  • Edward Cullen: The image of Edward is that of the ideal, moody vampire with a troubled soul. His character is given depth by his psychological struggle between his love for Bella and his vampire tendencies.
  • Jacob Black: Initially presented as Bella’s childhood buddy, Jacob goes on to play a key role in the narrative, serving as a representative of the opposing faction within the supernatural realm due to his werewolf lineage.
  • The Cullen Family: With their distinct histories and personal battles with their vampire identities, each member of Edward’s adopted family enriches the narrative.


  • Love and Sacrifice: Bella and Edward’s intense, although dangerous, love is the novel’s main topic. Given that both characters frequently put their lives in danger for one another, their connection serves as a prime example of sacrifice.
  • Identity and Self-Acceptance: Edward struggles with his vampire nature, while Bella struggles with her thoughts of inadequacy. Their paths toward accepting who they are are examined in the book.
  • Good vs. Evil: As the characters battle their darker tendencies, the book presents a traditional good vs evil conflict between vampires and humans as well as inside the characters.

Style of Writing

Stephenie Meyer’s accessible and captivating writing style allows readers to easily immerse themselves in the narrative. By adopting Bella’s first-person perspective, Meyer offers a close and intimate look into the protagonist’s emotions and thoughts. The vivid and atmospheric descriptions further enrich the story’s tone, drawing readers deeper into the tale.


Although “Twilight” faced divergent critiques from reviewers, it became a sensation among readers, particularly teenagers. The portrayal of a passionate and overwhelming love deeply resonated with its target audience, leading to the formation of a substantial fan base and the successful launch of a lucrative film series.


  • Character Development: According to some critics, Bella doesn’t really evolve as a character throughout the book; instead, she is overly reliant on Edward and passive.
  • Plot Pacing: There are moments when the pacing is slow, focusing more on Bella’s inner monologue and less on action or story advancement.
  • Stereotypes: There have been disagreements on how gender roles are portrayed and how Bella and Edward’s relationship is idealized to have an uneven power dynamic.

Final Thoughts

Romance and fantasy readers will find “Twilight” to be an engrossing and poignant book. Even if it has its shortcomings, the compelling and compelling plot and the likable, if occasionally contentious, characters are its main assets. Having had a long-lasting influence on popular culture, it is still regarded as an important work in the young adult category.

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